Continuation of the Bitcoin price correction to $ 22,000 & liquidation of BTC futures in the amount of $ 1,000,000,000

The Bitcoin course BTC price has fallen sharply and is recording great losses. The Bitcoin course quickly lost value. This is also known as a BTC dump. The picture shows a crumbling Bitcoin price on a descending price graph. The recent rapid crash of the Bitcoin price has taken its toll. Nearly $ 1 billion worth of BTC futures contracts were once again wiped out. But was this the end of the correction or was it just the beginning? Almost $ 1 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) futures contracts was liquidated on January 13th today. The continuous loop of liquidations causes… Read More

What to expect from the launch of ETH futures by the U.S. exchange CME?

This week bitcoin finally surpassed the $20k mark. It’s something we’ve all been waiting for over three years and we want to congratulate all cryptans on this long-awaited event! But today we are going to talk about not less important event in the industry, which took place on December 16, namely the news about launching futures contracts on Ethereum for institutional traders from American Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Trading is scheduled to begin on February 8. In this article, we will remember how CME steamrolled and crashed bitcoin by launching the first bitcoin futures; why investing in Ethereum might be… Read More

Bitcoin scheitert weiter in der Nähe von USD 24K, XRP sinkt noch mehr

Der Bitcoin-Preis hat es nicht geschafft, die Hürde von 24.000 USD zu überwinden und ist über 1.000 USD gefallen. Ethereum gab nach und testete 550 USD, XRP steht unter starkem Verkaufsdruck unter 0,300 USD. DOGE, LINK, QTUM, MIOTA und NEO sind um über 10% gefallen. Bitcoin überschritt die Widerstandszone von USD 24.000 und begann einen erneuten Rückgang. Der Preis handelte unter dem Unterstützungsniveau von 23.200 USD und kämpft derzeit (05:00 UTC) um eine Erholung. In ähnlicher Weise gewinnen die meisten wichtigen Altcoins an bärischem Momentum, einschließlich Ethereum, XRP, EOS, XLM, LINK, BNB, XRP, TRX, Bitcoin Loophole, Litecoin und ADA. ETH/USD… Read More

Bitcoin alcanza máximos por encima de $ 24k mientras LTC toca $ 120, BCH, BNT el 21 de diciembre

El rally de BTC gana fuerza a medida que Litecoin apunta a máximos de 2019. BCH ve un aumento de reembolso de Square y Bancor se basa en las ganancias de DeFi con la adición de Coinbase. Bitcoin Profit se recuperó por encima de los $ 20k como predije la semana pasada , y la moneda tocó un máximo de $ 24,300 el domingo. El mercado de criptomonedas está ligeramente apagado el lunes, ya que los mercados reaccionan a otro ataque de pánico por coronavirus en Europa Bitcoin había estado subiendo la semana pasada a medida que el dólar estadounidense… Read More

US Treasury Department presents controversial bill for “wallet ban”

The planned changes to the law are likely to have less dramatic effects on the crypto industry than previously feared. The US Treasury Department has presented its new bill to regulate financial services, which would prohibit US-registered crypto exchanges from interacting with self-managed crypto wallets In a corresponding announcement on Friday evening, the Department for Combating Financial Crime (FinCEN) presented the planned changes to the law that would force crypto exchanges to “obtain and confirm the identity of their customers if the counterparty involved in a transaction uses a self-managed wallet and the transaction is greater than $ 3,000 „.… Read More

LayerX develops blockchain voting system with digital identity verification in Japan

„Voting over the Internet brings more challenges with it. You have to prevent double voting and solve the difficulties with the technical hurdles to keeping the ballot papers secret and with the costs of voting machines.“ The Japanese company Layer X wants to team up with the digital identity application xID to develop a blockchain-based voting system in the Japanese city of Kaga In an announcement by LayerX on Thursday, the Tokyo-based company said it plans to develop electronic voting to ensure safe elections for the city’s 68,000 residents. The company said the cost and stability of current electronic voting… Read More

Bitcoin exceeds $ 18,000 to continue its massive rally

BTC follows an ascending and parabolic support line. Long term resistance can be found at $ 19,650. Brackets can be found at $ 16,750 and $ 15,500 On November 18, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) peaked at $ 18,476 before dropping significantly. While it is not yet certain whether or not BTC has peaked, we expect a retracement to the support areas. On November 17, Bitcoin (BTC) posted a massive rise, reaching a high of $ 17,680. Price continued to rise the next day, but fell sharply after peaking at $ 18,476. However, he has already regained most of the… Read More

Se i Bulls Winls vincono, Bitcoin è pronto a salire all’inizio del prossimo anno?

Il prezzo del Bitcoin potrebbe essere in una fase di ritiro immediato a breve termine, ma i tori potrebbero ancora avere voce in capitolo all’inizio del prossimo anno. Dopo un paio di salutari guadagni prima della nuova settimana, il prezzo del Bitcoin sembrava destinato a continuare la sua ascesa verso l’alto per raggiungere eventualmente nuovi massimi di tutti i tempi. Anche se sembra che diversi fattori abbiano avuto risultati diversi in mente, c’è ancora speranza che la salita rialzista del toro possa battere i record. Cosa ha causato l’improvviso declino di Bitcoin all’inizio di questa settimana? Il prezzo del Bitcoin… Read More

Coinbase sta portando la sua carta di debito Crypto al mercato statunitense, offre il Cashback in Bitcoin o Stellar

La Coinbase Card sta arrivando sul mercato degli Stati Uniti In precedenza, la carta era disponibile solo per gli utenti europei di Coinbase Gli utenti statunitensi potranno usufruire dell’1% di cashback in BTC o del 4% di cashback in XLM Coinbase sta espandendo la sua carta di debito criptata negli Stati Uniti, gli utenti potranno beneficiare del cashback in BTC o XLM Coinbase sta espandendo la sua carta di debito verso il mercato statunitense, dopo essere stata precedentemente limitata agli utenti europei della borsa. La carta, che utilizza la rete di pagamenti Visa, permette agli utenti di spendere i saldi… Read More

Bitcoin est confronté à un mur de vente critique de 30 millions de dollars à 11 000 dollars

Le Bitcoin Up  a augmenté au cours des dernières 24 heures, le marché des cryptocurrences étant à nouveau corrélé au S&P 500. Les deux marchés sont en hausse depuis la journée dernière, ce qui est dû à l’annonce que le président Donald Trump est apparemment en bonne santé malgré la maladie qui se propage dans le monde entier. Cependant, si la cryptocouronne passe à 11 000 dollars, comme le prédisent de nombreux analystes, il existe une résistance notable du carnet d’ordres qui pourrait marquer la fin de la tendance haussière actuelle. Bitcoin fait face à une résistance critique du carnet… Read More